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Dream Storage Solutions

Today it’s not enough to make your home’s energy efficient, we need to make them more space efficient too. Our adjustable ventilated wardrobe systems are designed to create double the amount of storage space in any typical reach-in wardrobe.

They also create visible organised space so you can easily create organisation and save time searching for missing shirts. Thus, creating the perfect storage space for any busy Perth family. So stop wasting your time with unpractical wardrobe space and get your own adjustable ventilated wardrobe system today!


  • Endless storage combinations
  • Doubles the amount of effective storage
  • 25 years guarantee
  • Colours available:
    white White
Shelf Track Wire Silver Ventilated shelving

SuperSlide ventilated shelving is the perfect solution for increasing effective storage in your linen and wardrobe space. This shelving was design to hold folded clothes, towels and other items neatly without letting them fall out of your cupboard. With the addition of a SuperSlide hanging support and rod, you can also create a hanging system which allows your coat hangers to slide freely end to end.


  • Vinyl coated steel
  • Approximately 90% recycled content
  • Depths Available: 300mm, 400mm
  • Weight Captivity: 45kg per lineal meter (installed per manufacturers specifications)
  • Mounting Options: Fitted or Adjustable ShelfTrack system
  • Colours available:
    white White   Silver

Wardrobes – to suit your clothes and your budget

Looking for a wardrobe that will highlight your room and helps you find things efficiently? From our modern Contempo wardrobe systems to ventilated shelving we have all your solutions for you. On top of that at Wardrobe World Canning Vale also stock all the little components and additions you made need later for your wardrobe. So, don’t let your busy Perth lifestyle create disarray in your home.
Check out our range of storage solutions.

Custom Wardrobes – Your life, your design

Of course the ultimate wardrobe is the one that you design yourself. At Wardrobe World Canning Vale we create 100% custom wardrobe, linen, laundry & pantry spaces. Don’t just settle with a flat pack box, get one of our stylish custom design shelving systems. Its stress free and it’s designed for your personal needs.
We also have a full range of custom sliding doors perfect for your new wardrobe.